As your childs' first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in life.



 We invite you to work with our teachers to help students get all they can out of our program.




Reach One, Teach One, Change the World........

Our Mission  is to actively serve the community as an art resource, promoting
achievement and higher education through music by providing live music performances,
private coaching, field trips, workshops, camps, master classes, and mentoring.


School Assemblies: 
Music Motivating Minds works with school administration to customize assemblies for each school that address the issues the school is addressing at the time using music. We have addressed Goal Setting, Anti-bullying Strategies, Healthy Living, Testing Tools, Study Habits and various topics to meet the needs of each school's climate.

Musical Mentoring:
M.M.M's Musical Mentoring program currently mentors young scholars 14-21 years of age who are actively seeking a career in the arts. This program pairs professional musicians with young scholars in order to guide them onto a successful career in the arts. Young scholars learn about the music business and the steps they need to take to better individual skills.

M.M.M's Lunch-N-Learn is a program that exposes young scholars to  music, cultural diversity,  and art appreciation through cooperative learning activities all while enjoying a healthy lunch.

BeMore Boys:
M.M.M.'s BeMore Boys Mentoring program teaches young scholars conflict resolution, peer-to-peer affirmation, anger management skills and guides the young scholar through the passage to manhood.The "Be-More Boys" is a group that  includes boys from ages 7-10. Through Martial Arts and drumming, young men are nurtured and guided into learning about discipline, respect, and self-esteem. We identify the strengths of these young men, teach them how to work with others, and show them strategies to avoid peer pressure. Building positive male relationships and respect for one another.

Be-More Girls

The "Be-More Girls" is a group that includes young girls from ages 7-10. We address skills needed to  develop a healthy self-image, economic awareness, and leadership. We are committed to developing high self-esteem for our young girls in order to create confident leaders through acting, singing and dancing. We have various activities that will teach our young girls how to analyze what they see and hear in the domestic/global community, and educate them in making informed decisions. Building confident leaders who exemplify excellence is our goal for this initiative. 

BeMore Chorus:

Is a mixed chorus that encourages community, confidence and creativity. While in the chorus students develop listening, expressive and communicative musical skills. Students are introduced to: Classical, Negro Spirituals, Hip-Hop,Folk, Inspirational and Gospel music throughout the program. Our students  improve memory, aural skills and performance skills in chorus.

Arts Camp 

Music Motiving Minds Camp is a celebration of children and music combined. Each day  will be filled with fun and exploration that the students will carry with them throughout their academic years and beyond. Students participate in music theory, art, math, reading science, acting, and film scoring class for the duration of the camp.