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Music Motivating Minds is a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization funded by donations from people like you! You can help us make a difference today. No amount is to small to inspire a young scholar to be great.

Due to budget constraintsin Baltimore City, the arts have been cut, reduced, and taken away from the children that need it the most. We have been educating children, through music, for 16 years and have had the honor of watching most of our students go to college and live productive lives. We are products of a time when public school education had music curricula, and we have been very successful because of its impact on our lives. We were both from single parent homes who could not afford music instruction. We benefited from music, in our school, during our most troubling times. Instead of gangs, drugs, or many of the trappings young people face, we had music.The arts allows children to escape, be more creative, and foster confidence, which boosts achievement. Children benefit from music in many ways. Help us help the next generation today! 

Our Commitment

Each donation will be used in order to provide our young scholars with an opportunity to grow and learn in order to achieve

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